A lovely day with Authors For Indies,a nationwide event at independent bookstores. I was delighted to be participating at the Book City at the Beaches, along with Sandra Gulland and D.J. McIntosh. Thanks Book City!
Authors for Indies Event
Lots of lovely events recently! 
I was extremely honoured to have a short story featured on Lynn Crosbie's site, HOOD. Check it out if you're in the mood for something wildly creepy and disturbing!
The launch of Postscripts to Darkness, Volume 6, was held at Round, at Kensington Market, with ChiSeries readings. It was a great night!
With Christine Miscione and a great crowd!
Email address: [email protected]
Just for the love of writing, I joined Wattpad and I am rewriting my first novel, Single Girls Go Mad Sooner, as well as publishing Tragically Bad Love Poems and other short stories. I hope you will visit and take a read!
I was interviewed by Rachid Filali for Knot Magazine, on magical realism, poetry and existential anxiety!
I joined Instagram to capture moments that may wish to be written about at a later point - it's such fun!
Seen at Noir At The Bar with Tanis Mallow and Bianca Marais! Celebrating the launch of Sean Chercover's new book, The Devil's Game, with readings by Tanis Mallow, Rob Brunet and Dorothy McIntosh reading from The Angel of Eden. Angels and Devils abound!
My story, Troubled Times, will be in the anthology, 13 O'Clock, has just been launched!
Order your copy today at: http://amzn.to/1NBCUu3
I met author Lawrence Hill at his Toronto book launch of The Illegal - what a great guy!
I reviewed Salman Rushdie's new book, Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty Eight Nights, for the October issue of Canadian Living magazine - and he signed it! He also signed the inscription in the front of Between The Cracks She Fell,and he is really such a lovely man. 500 people attended his talk at the Toronto Reference Library and everyone came out inspired and energized!
A lovely compliment for The Witchdoctor's Bones! 
​Excellent launch at The Sleuth of Bakers Street for the anthology Thirteen O'Clock. We had such a great time!
My story is tltled Trouble Times and I loved the character so much that I wrote her into a novel due to published in 2017. 
Seems like the love for A Glittering Chaos is still alive and well!
 "The desire to master hunger underlies Lisa de Nikolits's "Eve Ago," its scalpel-sharp language cutting into the ideology of weight loss to terrific effect." 
Launched May 2015! A short story in Postscripts to Darkness, Vol. 6
With A Rewording Life, Sheryl Gordon brings clarity to obscure words, collaborates with over a thousand Canadians (Yann Martel, Jane Urquhart, Terry Fallis , Miriam Toews, Emma Donoghue, Linwood Barclay, Craig Davidson, Measha Brueggergosman, Sass Jordan, Atom Egoyan, et al.), and raises money for dementia research. I was a guest speaker at the launch along with Terry Fallis, Luke Nicholson and Dalton Higgins.

My word was DAMASK: She wore her emotions like a damask shawl; the top-most weave was sateen joy, the hidden lining sadness.

Here's how you can order your copy today and support this very worthy cause: http://www.arewordinglife.com
Flash Fiction on the Jellyfish Review.
At the Burlington Heritage Fair, with the Mesdames Of Mayhem, talking about women in the world of writing. 
Reading from my story, The Tour Bus to Murder, in The Whole She-Bang 3, published by The Sisters In Crime. The launch was at the Sleuth bookstore and was a wonderful event!
With A.G. Pasquella, publisher of PACK 'N HEAT, a Ms PacMan Noir anthology. At CanZine and at SeaScape, a great venue!
My story is Ms PacMan Don't Love Me No More.

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