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Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing:

My husband met a German woman when we were in Las Vegas and the whole story followed from that. He spent two minutes with her in the elevator and a novel ensued!

What genre does your book fall under?
Popular Women's Literary Fiction / Noir Mystery

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Melusine (protagonist): Jean Tripplehorn
Kateri (long lost sister): Michelle Pfeiffer
Juditha Estima (psychic): Jennifer Connelly
Hans Meier (husband): William Hurt

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
A tale of murder, madness, incest and poetry

Was your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
My book was published by Inanna Publications (Essential Reading for Feminists the World Over). This is our third novel together and I cannot imagine writing or publishing without Inanna and Luciana Ricciutelli, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. I am extremely proud to be an Inanna author. We’ve been together since 2009.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Unlike The Hungry Mirror (which took fourteen years), West of Wawa (seven years), The Withdoctor’s Bones (into its sixth year), the first draft of A Glittering Chaos took just over three months. 

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Very hard to say. Truly none that I can think of. Maybe once the book is published, readers can answer this for me. 

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
As mentioned, my husband bumped into a woman in the elevator in Vegas and she couldn’t speak any English. This got me wondering what it would be like to be in Vegas and not be able to converse. But the story itself seemed like a gift from the creative gods of the universe because it just flowed like crazy; I worked like a woman possessed, and I was possessed; possessed by this story that chose (thankfully) to find expression through me.  and 

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Ingeborg Bachmann! Ingeborg is Germany’s Sylvia Plath (she died in 1973 in a blaze caused by a lit cigarette). Ingeborg wanted to be a part of this book and I am very glad she did because she brings all her beauty and angst and poetry with her. So there’s a treat for readers, a wonderful German poetess. 

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Inanna Publications:
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Book Trailer for 
A Glittering Chaos
Thank you Dear Amy Nicole, you have ordered West of Wawa in esteemed company!
The launch of A Glittering Chaos, 18th April 2013 at the Women's Art Association of Canada
The launch of A Glittering Chaos at the Women's Association of Canada, along with Dark Water Songs poems by Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes and 'Neither Have I Wings To Fly': Labelled and Locked up in Canada’s Oldest Institution by Thelma Wheatley
Waiting as Luciana introduced A Glittering Chaos – the room was packed which was great!
Luciana and I had glittery sparkly shoes to celebrate and Luciana's pedicure matched the cover of A Glittering Chaos! 
with Sarah Lichter and Janet Devins
Barbara Goodman with Malcolm, me with Brenda Missen (author of Tell Anna She's Safe) and with Mayank Bhatt
Janet Devins, Sarah Lichter, Amy Ward, Lynn Bunker and Brittany
with Sima Dini, Colette Currin and my cousin Bandi Scheftsik
with Nathalie and Gace O'Connell (author of Magnified World)
Brenda Missen and me with Kim Tebby and then with Leslie C Scott
with Brendan Fisher, Stephen and Bianca Marais and Sonia Elisabetta Di Placido
Evan Munday (multiple author), the crowded room, and me with Evan Munday
with Dorothy McIntosh (author of The Witch of Babylon and The Book of Stolen Tales), with Nazneen Sheikh (multiple author) and Ava Homa (Echoes From The Other Land)
with Patrick Limgenco and Daniela Holmes, with Rosemary McCracken (author of Safe Harbor and Black Water), with Ava Homa
with Bradford Dunlop, then with Naomi and Spencer Gordon (author of Cosmo) and with Carole Giangrande (multiple author)
Amy Ward and Brittany, with Sue Marteliera from Chatelaine, with Dorothea Kanga. 
Guest speaker the at Strathcona's Writer's Conference in Strathcona County, Edmonton, 26th April
It's no secret I don't like flying, so I took a cat for company! Onscreen is a preview copy of Rosemary McCracken's Black Water (am loving it). I also had a fancy manicure in honour the conference! Below I am with Mayor Linda Osinchuk who opened the conference. 
Second from the left; me with Mandy Eve Barnett (an angel on this earth), then Nathasha Deen with Brian and Judy Schultz. Second row: Kelsey Hoople (I tried to steal Kelsey's earrings but she wouldn't let me!) and Nathasha Deen (one of the funniest, nicest people you are ever likely to meet - oh, and über-talented!) Below: the room was alarmingly empty but it filled up very nicely! And below that: does anyone make crazier faces than me when I read?

My slide show had a bunch of quotes, this one is my favourite: "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." Ray Bradbury. Right: with Ting Pimentel-Elger. Below left, wrapping it up with Kelsey Hoople and Joe McNight, and below right, a press clipping about the event.
Lots of great stuff and silent auctions. Middle: Karen Probert, LInda J. Pedley and Mandy Eve Barnett, then one of my fav pics of Natasha Deen!
We had the wonderful opportunity of reading at Audrey's Books in Edmonton on the Friday night
Top left pic: Natasha Deen, me, Karen Probert and Judy Schultz. What a great bookstore! We had a great time!
Ting sent this lovely comment: "I think this is the best WFSC conference, it's not only great for learning it was also heart warming and presented with lots of love, funny and witty stories from you Lisa de Nikolits & Natasha ! Forever grateful !"
Mandy Eve Barnett posted this on her blog: "IPPY award winning Toronto author, Lisa de Nikolits flew in especially for our conference – quite a coup wouldn’t you say? Lisa is an absolute delight and a good friend of mine. Her presentation was 8 Components of Story Writing and it was incredibly helpful to established and novice writers. With only a short coffee break at midway, Lisa managed to enthuse her audience for the whole two hours."
Guest speaker at the Sisters In Crime, Toronto Chapter, 16th May, 2013
Lesley Mang: "I really enjoyed your talk last night."
Gina X. Grant, "Enjoyed hearing about your writer's journey." 
Dorothy Birtalan, "Thanks again for your delightful talk at our monthly meeting! There were lots of little tips and takeaways that I am sure we can all find useful."
Plasticine Poetry Reading Series, 
23rd June
​Pauper's Pub, 39 Bloor St. West, Toronto, 6 - 9pm
Excerpt from an interview with Janet Costello for the Sisters In Crime April 2013 Newsletter
Q: Sex! You have some very steamy scenes in your writing. It’s also mentioned in most of your reviews. How many purposes does it serve for you?
A. The funny thing is, this is the first book I’ve written with any sex scenes. West of Wawa had the main character get together with a boy, for sex, but when they got into it, I just faded to black. Chatelaine magazine had criticized me for that. I don’t have a single genre I write in. This week I went to a reading given by writer Andrew Kaufman. He said he writes about things he’s been grappling with and at the end he feels it’s resolved. A light went on for me when I heard that. I had my whole thing wondering could I write sex? It’s an aspect of Vegas…everyone knows there’s a sexual side to Vegas. But what is erotic to people? And Melusine was reaching a certain age. How are you supposed to be a sexual being when you’re older? I dealt with more than “sex is love”. When she connected with Gunther it was not so much about the sex as it was a glorious appreciation of her.

Q: Guilt is a very big motivation for your characters. Describe one technique you used to prevent this from taking the shine off of A Glittering Chaos.
A: Because the creative process wins over guilt. In life it’s so easy to get trammeled by guilt. The creative process – whether it’s knitting, writing, painting, or baking – can channel it. Yah! (Lisa has such a mix of accents!) Guilt can lead to the triumph of the creative process.

Q: You are a Canadian, via South Africa, Australia and the U.S., writing about Germans. The turning point for your characters takes place in Las Vegas, and plays out in Germany. Do you consider this Canadian literature?
A: Initially I wanted to bring Melusine to Canada. I was discussing the plot with Chris Bucci, of the Anne McDermid & Associates Agency. He said, no, you have a good story here as it is. My publisher and I feel it’s a novel of empowerment. There’s no direct Canadian link in this one, but I was very assured that it was not required.

Q: Tell us about Inanna Publications, whose tag line is “essential reading for feminists the world over”.
A: Inanna is out of York University. Luciana Ricciutelli is my wonderful editor and publisher-in-chief. We met when I was looking to publish The Hungry Mirror. They’ve been around since 1978. They publish everything…poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. They are unafraid of what they publish and they stand behind those women’s voices. It’s very liberating. When you read their books, it’s a huge experience. I’ve met many of their authors. It’s a wonderful environment and a lovely

Q: What is next in store from you?
A: Inanna has just accepted The Witchdoctor’s Bones. I’ve never struggled that hard to find a title! Finally I came up with it. That same day, my father phoned from South Africa. He was talking to Caiphus who looks after the farm. Caiphus’s bicycle had been stolen and he needed to borrow money for the witch doctor to throw the bones to find the bicycle. Isn’t that incredible? This novel has a bunch of tourists in Namibia; it’s very Agatha Christie-like. They start killing each other off. It’s coming out in 2014.
The Three Towns of Niagara Day Tour with the Niagara Literary Festival
STOP #1: Niagara Falls Farmers Market : 9a.m.
STOP #2: Niagara On The Lake Public library Bookfair and Reading : 11a.m. to 5 p.m.
STOP #3 : The Fine Grind Cafe in St Catharines : 7 p.m.
Top left: Jordan Fry with Brad Dunlop, me and Jordan with the book stand. Middle: CB Connection play the blues. Below left: me with Priscilla Brett, with Mary Theresa and her copy of A Glittering Chaos. Jordan introducing me. 
My glittering table! With Gloria Messenger and Carolyn Shannon. The Deputy Lord Mayor Maria Bau-Coote officially opens the Festival. 
The wine deserves a special mention: Reif Estates, 2012, Vidal. Below everybody enjoyed all the readings.
rves a mention, it was delicious! Reif Estate, 2012, Vidal. 
Far left: a chocolate peanut butter milkshake to die for! Jordan and Priscilla, and Rob from The Fine Grind. Right: Terri Favro. Below left: the musicians Carl and James. 
Left: Terri Favro did a great reading and Stan Galloway came all the way from Virginia to read from his collection Just Married. Two wonderful readings, it was an excellent night. As usual I shocked the crowd with Hans' antics!
Middle left: with Gina X. Grant. Above: Helen Nelson introduces A Glittering Chaos. Below left: with Dorothy Birtalan and The Whole She-Bang, the Sisters In Crime​'s collection of short stories. 
Top left: Bänoo Zan, David Bateman was a great host, Heather Babcock holds her copy of A Glittering Chaos, with Bianca Marais. Left: Susie Petersiel Berg and Plasticine hero and poet, Michael Fraser.
Reading at Du Café with the Crime Writers of Canada, September 2013
Madeleine Harris-Callway (chatting, in red dress), Michael Walton reading from Apok, Madeleine, J.A. Menzies reading. Bottom row: Michael Walton, Gare Joyce with copies of West of Wawa and A Glittering Chaos, Alexander Galant reading from Depth of Deception, chatting to Gare Joyce. 
Tanya Snyder from The Literary Press Group, Luciana Ricciutelli with Scott Fraser, me with Pam Mountain, and with Terri Favro, author of The Proxy Bride
At the Crime Writers of Canada tent, with award-winning writers Howard Shrier and Jill Downie.  
Top: Bradford Dunlop. With Eva Tihanyi, with Paul Vermeesch, Stuart Ross
With Inanna Publisher Luciana Ricciutelli and Renée Knapp. Mayank Bhatt, from Generally About Books.
Word On The Street, Toronto, 2013
Lots of people came out — great to see so many book lovers!
Reading at the Annette Street Library, 2013
With national best-selling author D.J. McIntosh and award-winning authors Terri Favro and Rosemary McCracken.

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