Introducing Between The Cracks She Fell to the Ontario Librarians at their Superconference in Toronto.
It was a great event and a lot of fun! I was there with the Crime Writers of Canada - a great group!
From top row: with Barb Phillips and Tanya Snyder of the Literary Press Group, Evan Munday, Scott Faser, Susan Philpott, Sharon Crawford, Jill Downie, Madeleine Harris-Callway, Melodie Campbell, Jen J.Danna. Hilary Davidson, John McFederidge, Rick Mofina. 
Photo © Bradford Dunlop
Between The Cracks She Fell
Bronze medal winner!
Contemporary Fiction IPPY 2016

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Reading from Between The Cracks She Fell at the Plasticine Poetry Series - the reading was very well received!
From left: Michael Fraser, then Banöo Zan, Rob Simmons and David Clink. Below Adam Abbas.
From left: Terri Favro, Catherine Graham, Bianca Marais.
With fellow Mesdames of Mayhem, Lynn Murphy, Madeleine Harris Callway and Rosemary McCracken. With signers Maryanne and Gloria who were just marvelous. It was such a great evening! 
"What a marvelous program you and the Mesdames of Mayhem provided at SIGNS Restaurant last night. The feedback was ever so positive and everyone had a “blast.” It was such fun, your panel was informative too."– Mary Ellen Koroscil
With the Sisters In Crime at the Ad-Astra Conference
With Helen Nelson, left, and Linda Cahill, right. 
With the Crime Writers of Canada at the Arthur Ellis Shortlist Awards Ceremony at Indigo
Presenting Between The Cracks She Fell with the Mesdames of Mayhem, at the Bellville Public Library, May 17th. We even made it into The Bellville Intelligencer!
With the Mesdames of Mayhem: from left Cathy Astolfo, Vicki Delany, Rosemary Aubert, Rosemary McCracken and Joan O'Callaghan, all accomplished novelists, editors and writers. 
Reading at Ben McNally's bookstore on July 16th, with Danila Botha, Kathryn Mockler, James Grainger and Janette Platana. We had a really great evening!
From top left: Danila Botha, Janette Platana, I am reading from Between The Cracks She Fell, then James Grainger and Kathryn Mockler. 
East Coast Launch for Between The Cracks She Fell, August 23rd-25 2015
We had a full house! Top row: with Danila Botha and Lee Thompson. Signing books. Musician and poet Alex Madsen from The Divorcees. 
Visiting The Bookmark Bookstore in Halifax where Between The Cracks She Fell is a hot new release! Then onto Moncton, to LaLouche for an excellent reading with The Attic Owl Series hosted by Lee Thompson!
At The Company House, reading with Danila Botha, hosted by Chris Benjamin. With Michelle Snook and a lovely crowd. Bookseller The Bookmark was there too. 
The next day we were at Chapters Indigo at Bayers Lake, chatting up people and having fun!
En route to Halifax with the book! A nice shoutout for our readings. Touching base at The Commons Inn and then onto The Company House for the reading!
Sept 27th, 11-noon with Inanna, 1-2 with Sisters In Crime, 3-4 with Crime Writers of Canada
With Danila Botha and Dayle Furlong. Pic on furthermost right: Lucinda Johnston, Danila Botha, Dayle Furlong, Janette Platana
Pic by Peter Rowe
A wonderful blog tour for Between The Cracks She Fell - we stopped at these sites:
I can't remember the last time I laughed this much! Between The Cracks She Fell will never be the same again, it has been rewritten!
Thanks to Rob Brunet, Tanis Mallow and Brian Jantzi for organizing and to the fab actors; Andrew Bushnell, Ify Chiwetelu, Ashley Comeau, Nug Nahrgang, Connor Thompson and Colin Munch!
A wonderful event to support the refugees from Syria, please check out today. 
Nate Hendley does a soundcheck to get the evening started. 
Women Write The City Panel at Another Story Bookshop. With Danila Botha, Zoe di Nova, Lucinda Johnston and Ursula Phlug. We had a great time - full house!
Being interviewed by a young comedian - I am trying to persuade him to read my book! I succeeded! It's part of a rehearsal for a program for CBC Online called Make Me Read. I was interviewed by five comedians and although they started off as skeptics, they said talking me certainly made them want to read Between The Cracks She Fell
Talking about multiculturism and creativity, and about writing in Canada, with Mayank Bhatt, from TAG TV, The Cultural Thinkers Forum. Episode to be aired soon!
At the Ontario Media Development Corporation's Page to Screen where we presented Between The Cracks She Fell and attended a great cocktail party!
At a panel at the Gerrard Ashdale Library with Sharon Crawford, Nate Hendley, Steve Shrott and Mark Eddy. Pics by lovely librarian Gail Ferguson.
Reading at the Rowers Reading Series with 
Lori Cayer, Max Layton, Lenore Keeshig and hosted by the wonderful Heather Wood.
At Authors For Indies at Book City, The Beaches, with Brian Panhuyzen, Dorothy McIntosh, Tanis Rideout, Ann Elizabeth Carson, Nathan Whitlock and Alexandra Leggat.